Tuesday, January 1, 2013



I have a dear friend who defines grace as "the unmerited favor of God". I don't intend to get all preachy on you or anything, but faith is a critical part of my life and while I may not talk about it a lot, and frequently struggle with it, I do know that I am truly blessed. Blessed with family (which includes human, and not human...) and friends who I treasure. And while I've never discussed it here, I had a life-threatening medical emergency some years ago which reminded me that we are not guaranteed tomorrow and that we better appreciate what we have here. And now. Carpe diem! I firmly believe that I need to focus less on myself and more on others. I want to spread joy. Pay it forward. Commit random acts of kindness (hat tip to Lori at What Remains Now for the linky on that). And I'm right there with Houndstooth at Tales and Tails about the whole resolutions thing. She's participating in the 30/30 Challenge put forward by You Did What With Your Weiner. Walk 30 minutes a day with your dog for 30 days in a row starting today. Go. Do it. Spending more time moving with the hound...that is something I can aspire to! Gwyn is serious about her morning walk. Somebody better go with her. Every day. Unless, of course, it's raining hard...and then somebody should really make it stop raining. And then walk with her. And while right now my schedule is unbelievably crazy...and I'm spending time every day walking with Solana (more on her later)...I'm totally about walking more with Gwyn too. LoML's been really good about walking Gwyn for time reasons, but I know that when I walk with her I'm rewarded in so many ways....not even so much the exercise factor, as the bonding...it's good for my soul!

So, let's be kind to each other. Spread joy. Recognize grace. Walk the hounds. (And the horses.)

Welcome to 2013.


Sue said...

Kath, I don't know why but your request to join my RAK group hasn't gone through. If you email me you Ebay ID, I can invite you that way. My email is songsongblue@live.co.uk

What Remains Now said...

I'm so glad you'll be joining Sue's RAK group. It's only been going a short time, but I enjoy it so much. Happy New Year! and I'll enjoy following along with your 2013 adventures.