Thursday, October 11, 2012

Enslaved by a Ginger Kitten

Even though I do believe I have entered a negative time zone wherein I have negative free time (not just no free time -- double negative much?) I still persist in reading five minutes here and there. One of my current reads is a delightful modern twist on a James Herriot-ish British vet tale called "Pets in a Pickle." I was reminded how much I love the Brits using the term "ginger" to describe red or red-brown hair. Having family in the UK just encourages my already strong anglophile tendencies. But I digress.

His Highness' conquest of his known universe appears complete. It's difficult for me to blog much as when I take a few minutes to sit at the computer I am interrupted countless times because that means I'm neither feeding nor entertaining him! Yesterday he managed to run Willow off her favorite refuge (a soft towel formerly Gwyn's that now stays on the dining room table [well it's not like we actually eat there!]) and then later take over Gwyn's bed:
Just more of the everyday cuteness

My blankie!

I must bite you!

Wait! Why'd you leave?!

It's okay. I'll just sleep on the floor.

Really?! You expect me to caption this?!?!

I can't type any more as a certain ginger kitten is climbing on me like a swing set and biting various computer cords. Later....


Steve Finnell said...

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What Remains Now said...

Xander is the true "baby" of the family. Everyone loves and gives in to the baby of the family. It can't be helped.