Saturday, September 1, 2012

More Movie Madness

Okay, from now on just assume that there are dangerous and extreme levels of cuteness on the blog at any point in time...(My SIL thinks I need to put a warning label on the banner, but I'm too lazy to change it!).

For those not in the know about how cats operate, you might need some further information regarding why we have cat doors cut into the interior doors in our house. Well, you see, cats don't like closed doors. Period. A cat can have absolutely no desire to enter a particular room...until you close the door to said room...and then it becomes a matter of utmost urgency that they get in there. If you have carpeting expect it to be frayed around closed doors. Since our previous dear greyhound Phil had a thing for eating paper we ended up putting the cat doors in so the cats could come and go but Phil couldn't get into certain rooms. We're funny that way about not wanting invoices, receipts, money, etc. eaten. Anyway, it makes for some great feline games:

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What Remains Now said...

So cute! I love how Gwyn is just checking out the action. In our old home, we had a kitty door cut in our basement door. My most memorable moment with that...My daughter was playing this same game with Twinkie when she was about five years old (Twinkie was just a kitty at the time). My daughter was on the stairs and Twinkie was in the hallway on the other side of the door. Twinkie burst through the door, scared my daughter and she fell backward down the stairs. I was downstairs sewing at the time. The sound was TERRIBLE. Scared me half to death. She wasn't hurt, just a scratch on her back. Guess Twinkie won that game.