Thursday, September 20, 2012

Moby Dick Big Read

In the realm of spare time...I'm in the negative right now. Adding anything to my schedule/to-do list is clearly a sign of insanity (and there are already so many signs I don't think any more are necessary for a diagnosis!). But I was listening to NPR's "All Things Considered"...because, well, sometimes, but not often, I like to consider things...and I considered this: the Moby Dick Big Read 

Go check out the website. The premise is that every day from now into January you can download (for free) one chapter of Moby Dick. Each will be read by different people. The biggest hook for me was the fact that Tilda Swinton reads the first chapter. I could listen to her read her grocery list :D

While I *love* to read and fervently wish someone would pay me a decent salary to do nothing but read novels (a lament for another day), I confess that I have never read Moby Dick. I'm also not much for audiobooks...something to do with the fact that I truly need the visual along with the audio, I have memory problems and need to be able to look back a few pages, and/or I'm too easily distracted and have to keep backing up...but I can't resist trying this. I have a decent amount of solo drive time that I can try it out. Will keep you posted.

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What Remains Now said...

This looks interesting. You know, I bought a used iPod, but haven't figured it out yet. This just might motivate me because I've always wanted to read Moby Dick but haven't. Speaking of classics...what a great picture of Gwyn.