Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Rough Day

So, it was a rough day around here on Friday...Xander got to go to the vet and get "tutored" (the only way I refer to it ever since that great Gary Larson Farside cartoon with the dog in the car yelling out the window to the dog in the yard: "Ha Ha, I'm going to get tutored!"). Our vets are wonderful and he did just fine.
Yesterday when he wasn't eating (to make up for lost time), there was a lot of sleeping. Have I mentioned how cute he is sleeping? Oh, I have? Well, he is:
Note the spread of those back toes!

Friday evening after we got home and he was allowed a little bit of canned food and formula (yes, I know he no longer needs formula as far as being too little to eat kitten chow...but we still have lots thanks to his Auntie vet....and he *really* likes it!) he decided he'd crawl back in the soft carrier :D I think it's nice that he doesn't have bad associations with the carrier...again, thanks to his Auntie vet who carted him around and doted on him in the beginning.

Meanwhile, Gwyn had a rough day. When I had Xander in the carrier and was getting ready to walk out the door Friday morning, Gwyn laid down right in front of the door as if to block me from taking her kitten. Maybe I was just anthropomorphizing (brownie points for big words before 2nd cup of coffee?). Except I know she had a rough day because Friday night when I went to put her in her crate this is what all I took out of it that was buried in her blankets:
Actually, that's not entirely true. (Turn away now if you're squeamish!)...The two LoML socks and the two bits of wet, nasty material that were formerly the fake fur on a cat mouse toy were in the crate...the hard plastic shell of the fake mouse was actually recovered earlier in the day by LoML from a spot of Gwyn throw-up. Ah, the joys of parenthood! Don't worry. She was fine once her kitten got home. All is right in her world again.
And one more sleepy shot to share with you...and again I tell you that I did not pose this:

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What Remains Now said...

Glad you all made it through Friday. How sweet...Gwyn loves her little boy. Hope Xander continues to make a quick recovery.