Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend Getaway

LoML and I had a package deal for a little weekend getaway...We stayed at a very fancy place (in exchange for the high-pressure sales pitch to buy a time share...which we declined, much to our salesman's chagrin):
The view looking down from our penthouse balcony! (Apologies to Mom for making you queasy!)

The highlight of our trip was going to the Medieval Times show. Here's just a teaser...more details soon (day job interfering with the fun stuff).


What Remains Now said...

How cool! I am a HUGE fan of Full Metal Jousting, so a trip to Medieval Times sounds like a lot of fun. They have one in the Chicago area that I would love to visit sometime.

Kat said...

Hey--you were the one that turned me on to Full Metal Jousting in first place! I was so tickled to learn that Josh Avery is still working at the Myrtle Beach go show...unfortunately, he was off Sat. night when we were there. You would totally dig the show & should absolutely go to the Chicago one when you can. Having a horse whose sire is purebred Andalusian, I *loved* seeing the horses do their stuff. It's like getting to see the World Famous Lipizzaner Stallions (these guys showed off their Airs Above the Ground) but with knights & jousting! :D