Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hard to Leave Home, part 2

Have I mentioned it's hard to leave home? I could so easily become a hermit!
Photo courtesy of J. Frazz Photography
Photo courtesy of J. Frazz Photography
Must go walk her highness now :D


What Remains Now said...

Yet more evidence that we were separated at birth. I've often wondered, if nothing required me to go out, how long could I stay at home before I felt like leaving. I imagine it would be a long time. I always seem to have something to tinker around with. Probably lucky for me that I'm married to Mr. Hospitality.

Particularly love the picture of Gwyn looking out the window. Beautiful.

Kat said...

We really were... :D My mom told me I'm my father's girl the other day when I declared I was going to become a recluse! I will have to leave the house to go see my horse, but I think I could manage going only that far & no farther.