Friday, June 8, 2012

The Neighborhood Gang

So...can't remember if I've explained before, but we have a doggie daytime drama that plays out around here on occasion. This is Sammy:
Sammy is an older gentleman Golden Retriever who is super sweet. He lives over one street and down a few blocks. The highlight of any walk is getting to see Sammy. Gwyn loves him.
This is Maggie:
She's a female boxer that lives around the corner from Sammy. She appears to love Sammy as well! She does okay with Gwyn and rarely leaves her yard...except to supervise if we appear to be loving on Sammy! It's really pretty funny. My SIL proclaimed that Sammy is the Brad Pitt character, Maggie the Angelina Jolie, and Gwyn the Jennifer Aniston!

I'm being summoned by THE QUEEN who wishes her walk NOW thankyouverymuch!
I leave you with clover pictures:

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What Remains Now said...

This is hilarious! Poor Maggie; she loves Sammy. Sammy must be quite the ladies man.