Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Not really sure why, despite clear & cogent evidence to the contrary, I persist in the delusion that some day my crazy day job and my oh-so-wonderful but very, very full life in the real world will allow me to regularly post on my blog. Maybe some of it is rooted in the fact that I persist in believing that once I start a post I must filter through every wild thought that rushes through my brain and distill it into some coherent story. :::sigh::: Maybe some day....(I often find myself musing).

Some day I may even tell you about the pictures I posted *two* *weeks* ago and promised to tell you about. But not today. Today my crazy day job beckons and I will settle for sharing more random photos:
Lovely cream & sugar set my sis' & bro'-in-law gave me...love this!
Crazy beautiful flowers some co-workers gave me
Kitty toes. Love 'em!
Oz drinking from one of his favorite glasses :D

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What Remains Now said...

I too suffer from delusions. Mine is that I will flow from one planned activity to the next, all plotted out carefully to accomplish all the things I like to do. Instead...it's just always messy. I guess the important this is to keep going and recognize what lovely lives we have. AND, all you needed for an entire post was that cute picture of Oz drinking from his favorite glass. So cute!