Friday, March 16, 2012

Nap Experts

We can learn so much from our so many areas. One area they universally excel at is napping. There is nothing like a good nap! And where, and how you position yourself is key.
Here Gwyn demonstrates the curled up in a ball nestled in your blanket variety:

Willow loves to sleep on what used to be my fuzzy robe...until it became her has to remain on the floor beside my nightstand. Periodically I wash it and fluff it properly and put it right back where she had it. This is where she sleeps at night, but she's not opposed to the occasional daytime nap there:

Is that a version of the pear-shaped goddess of mild annoyance look she's getting ready to shoot me?
But the master napper in this household is undoubtedly Oz. He finds all the best's not unusual for him to manage to crawl all the way under the covers for a daytime nap. The other day LoML called me back to the bedroom to show me this:
Neither one of us pulled the comforter over him....he made that nest all by himself. You'll note that's the surfing motif one I got LoML for Christmas (as modeled by Willow in an earlier post). The red throw is Oz' blanket that's sole purpose in being on the bed is for his's amazingly soft.
We should all nap so well. They have the right idea! Shall I go to work now...or nap? Hmmm...........

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What Remains Now said...

Oh, this is a bad post for me to be reading right now. I just want to go snuggle up like your sweet babies. I agree...I think you have 3 professionals there.

Thank you for your nice comments. What can I say...I just enjoy your blog.