Sunday, January 29, 2012


More of Gwyn enjoying the attention lavished on her during last weekend's hotel stay:
You may admire me now!
Look at that grin!

More shots of the kittehs...I believe that here I caught them plotting the overthrow of the universe...again!
When we rule, there will be noms for all!

This is Willow getting caught checking out Gwyn's food. Because I didn't have the camera physically on me, I missed the shot of both Gwyn and Willow with their heads in the bowl at the same time :D Wil' stretches up and scoops bites out with her paw. That's why there's so many crumbs on the rug...well, that and the fact that housework is not my strongest suit :D


What Remains Now said...

That's what kitties do best...plot to take over the world, and sleep. How is Gwyn holding up now that she is home? Hopefully resting up after all the adoration at the hotel. She's such a pretty way folks could resist.

Kat said...

Gwyn seems to be adjusting okay to the woeful lack of admirers. We tell her all the time how beautiful she is...and that helps!