Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Follow Up

So I guess I owe you guys an explanation since I left you hanging a few days ago. I mentioned Tales and Tails explanation of the Greyhound Scream of Death...the best-put explanation of the phenomenon I've read. The basic premise is that a greyhound's reaction to an injury is inversely proportional to the severity of said injury. While thankfully I did not get the GSoD  the other day...I got the toned-down version. It went something like this:

Gwyn was outside lying in her dirt pile (that's a whole other story for another day!) until the last possible second that I was forcing her to come inside so I could go to work. I was running late (as per usual..much as I will be this morning from 'goofing off' on the computer for too long...anyway....). Gwyn came dashing up the steps too fast..so fast I didn't even see exactly what happened. The end result was Gwyn on the porch pitifully holding up a back leg and whining.

Me: Oh, you poor dear, what did you do?
Gwyn: It might be broken!
Me: (palpating and gently moving leg around) It seems to still move. There's no obvious trauma.
Gwyn: I don't think I'll ever walk again!
Me: (still seeing no evidence of actual injury) Well, maybe we'll have to go let the vet check it out.
Gwyn: But I can't walk! I can't move! You'll probably have to carry me!!!
Me: Let me pick up my coat and everything else I dropped. We'll go in the house and see from there. I can call the office and tell them I'll be in after I drop you off.
Gwyn: (leaping gleefully and dancing the Happy Dance of Joy all around me...using all four legs) Oh, goody, I get to go to work with you?!?!

Several peanut butter and turkey "cookies" later and a Christmas miracle had occurred. Her leg was healed!

 I leave you with some more photos of my funny girl from our photo shoot. :D

Photo courtesy of J. Frazz Photography
Photo courtesy of J. Frazz Photography
Photo courtesy of J. Frazz Photography
Photo courtesy of J. Frazz Photography


What Remains Now said...

Them Greyhounds! You never lack for drama when you have a Greyhound. Oh, that last picture of Gwyn! or should I say Supermodel Gwyn!

Declan said...

Such a familiar tale! Mum says my late Uncle Flynn used to insist on having his paqws kissed in the street when he stood on invisible "things"! Deccy x

House of Carnivores said...

First of all, lovely pictures! And greyhounds definitely are drama queens when they want to be.

Mine would be exactly the same way. Unless it was a serious injury, then they get all stoic and don't utter a peep. *face palm*

Kat said...

Yep! That's it! They're so funny. :D

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Yep, I'm familiar with that. :-)