Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wayward Hound - Homeward Bound

It may be ironic that What Remains Now started a discussion earlier this week about what kind of identification your dogs wear in case they get lost...We had quite the scare last night when Gwyn decided to go on a walkabout...or runabout (the greyhound version)! Don't worry, she's home safe & sound. We're very grateful to have wonderful family & friends who immediately helped form a search party. We also had Home Again (the company who made the microchip she has) send out alerts to members, vets & shelters in the area. Fortunately for my cardiac health she wasn't gone too long. As I've often tried to explain to people who aren't familiar with greyhounds, it's not that they won't come home (she did), it's what can happen before they have a chance to! LoML was out first thing this morning fixing the gate that had gotten messed up and come open that allowed her escape. While the rest of us were out looking (some walking, some driving slowly around the neighborhood) my Mom had volunteered to be the one to stay at the house in case the wayward child returned home on her own. Which she did. Mom says she came running up, grinning her big grey grin...delighted to see that her grandmommy had come for a visit!!

photo courtesy of J Frazz Photography
I don't think my heart could have taken her being gone any longer than she was!
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What Remains Now said...

I'm SO glad Gwyn came home safe and sound. You mentioned about the additional services Home Again offers. I know our vet pays for the first year of service after the pets are microchipped, but I hadn't taken the time to familiarize myself with what they offer...I think I'm going to do that now. Dumb gates!

Kat said...

Thanks! I was so scared.
I had been the same way about Phil's microchip company (our previous grey). I'm glad I checked out what all Home Again offers.