Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Birthday, Gwyneth!

"But Mom, why can't I take my chewy outside???"
  So, today is Gwyn's third birthday! :D 
Registered as Under Penalty, she was born on September 22, 2008, the 5th pup of nine in the litter.
She ran 19 races between July 17th and October 30th, 2010.

 Being retired allows her time to pursue her modeling career.
"Look! A mouse!" :::sigh::: "It's just out of reach."

The culprit who put the mouse just out of reach...

Gwyn & her cousin, Lady

Gwyn posing in front of sis-in-law's Ramses statue

We are blessed to have her join our pack and look forward to sharing many more wonderful years with our sweet girl!

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