Thursday, July 7, 2011

Coolpix Love

Oh. my. I'm in love! Love with my new Nikon Coolpix (L120). Obsessed over new camera for a few days and then determined this was the one for me (for now). BestBuy was having a terrific Fourth of July sale and even tho' I had to wait for them to ship it to me (free shipping too) it was well worth it. Arrived at the office this afternoon and I'm already addicted. The following were all shot within hours of me taking it out of the box...with minimal reading of the manual...very easy...very fun! The only editing of these shots was cropping to be a more manageable size to upload. That's it. Seriously! Even the black-and-white was a shooting option :D

Black and white horse shot in black-and-white :D

The ruler of the 'rents household:
You'll be seeing more soon....lots more....
Better log off...thunder booming in distance. More soon!

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