Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hound time

Well, here I am. Back (for now?) from a 7 month blog hiatus. No real reason other than that life happens & I've been wildly busy. But as this blog started around dogs...I figured it was high time to get back to dogs & catch you up a little.

As those of you who read (past tense?) this blog already know, we had to put our dear, sweet Phil down in November. We miss him horribly, but cherish our memories of that wonderful guy. While we could never replace him, we knew right away that we wanted to rescue another greyhound. After having a grey sharing my home and life for about 19 years there's just really no question about it any more....a house isn't a home without one!

We had some trips planned and so were forced by circumstance to wait until January to bring our new baby home. Long story short: we were drawn to the picture of our new girl first, then liked everything we learned via email about her personality. When I looked closely at her pedigree and realized she is Phil's great-niece the deal was done!

More about her soon...For now here are a couple of pictures of Gwyn (short for Gwyneth...Welsh for "fair" or "blessed")
The head tilt cracks me up!

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