Thursday, June 11, 2009

Goat Invasion!

So, Solana was just trying to enjoy her supper when suddenly her pasture was invaded by goats!This is actually a common occurrence...the goats are let loose to forage for a few hours every day. They love going in and out of the pastures with the horses. Solana sometimes feigns annoyance (note the pinned ears) but she's actually quite good with them.
Tilly-who has *no* *fear* of anything-had to run right up to Solana and then check out the food bowl ;D
The kids are difficult to shoot in focus as they're moving so fast!
They're having a marvelous time playing with each other. Note the boys have the hair down their backs standing up! Tee hee. There was also much running about wide open, but I couldn't catch that at all.

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