Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Trampoline Art & a Solana Scare

Another installment of baby goat playing on the human trampoline. I was going to give you this front shot, followed by the rear shot (as she launched back off of me)...but then I decided that it may, in fact, be a bit graphic for this site as it shows the little rear in all its glory ;DHere's a head shot of my sweet Solana that was taken fairly recently... She gave me a scare last night, as she decided to maybe colic. Fortunately, her symptoms were noticed early, she was given some medicine and TLC and seems to have bounced right back. On a related note, I'll tell you that she just glistens in the moonlight ;D I wished last night that I had the appropriate camera and lens to capture her that setting...maybe some day.


Lythrum said...

love the baby goats, and I'm so glad that your Solana is okay. You're definately a good mama for them. :)

Sandy said...

I'm so glad Solana is alright now.
I can just imagine how scared you were. She is a beautiful horse. I will have to go and see her again sometime.