Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Misc. shots

Not much in the way of dialogue lately as still recovering from the English Creeping Crud that I brought back with me : / Anywho, this was taken from the dam I showed you earlier...I like the lovely trees...and if you look to the right of the biggest one and see the was a sculpture of a running man.
Theatre anyone?
The neighbors...

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Anonymous said...

That countryside IS gorgeous. I WILL go there one day. A retired Oxford prof. who shares my last name did an in depth study of our last name and the first known existence of Kendrick was a Roman derivation of it Bath, England -in something like 1291 or some primitive year. I can't wait to go and drink meade while running through the gloaming--just like my in bred, mono-browed ancestors probably did centuries ago.

Tally ho!