Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Miracle of Flight


onetruth said...

Oh my goodness. This photo is sublime in all sorts of ways.

It made me think of two things:

(a) a moving scene in a fantastic movie called "The Third Miracle" (Kleenex alert!)

(b) A verse in Patty Griffin's song "Mary"---"...you're covered in treetops/covered in birds/who can sing a million songs/without any words..."

Okay, so maybe being covered in seagulls wasn't what Patty Griffin had in mind because seagulls can get really boisterous and mouthy. ("Mine? Mine? Mine? Mine! Mine!)

Okay. I'm putting down the green tea and the chocolate and backing away. Slowly.

Kat said...

Bwahahaha! Thanks for noticing...thanks for using the word sublime in my comment...I was hoping you'd notice this one. I am incredibly drawn to it and actually quite pleased with it. I got a number of interesting in-flight shots and will be posting more over the days to come.

Lythrum said...

Kat, that picture is absolutely amazing.