Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sunset Obsession

I'll admit it. I can't stop taking pictures of the sunset. But really, if you had sunsets like this would you stop shooting them? I just pull the Jeep over on the way home and there it is!
What do you think of special effects? Like it better, or not so much?
The sun-tinged clouds were amazing last night.


Lythrum said...

Cloud pictures have been my latest fascination, I can't seem to stop taking them.There's something so fascinating about the play of light on clouds.

Kat said...

Yeah...that's been part of it. Like last night, there were just a few clouds that were really tinged fiery w/ the sunset...

Anonymous said...

Amazing indeed.

I always receive a wonderfully visceral reaction when I see sunsets as extraordinary like this. It's hard to doubt the existence of the Divine (in whatever form that takes) when such an incredible display of beauty is before you.