Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cape camping

Last weekend LoML and I *finally* got to take time together and go camping for a long weekend (something we'd been wanting to do for quite a while). This is our boat in front of our campsite. Can you imagine anything more perfect?
During the day there are quite a few other people who anchor their boats nearby, swim and soak up the sun. Or they walk across the boardwalk to the ocean side to play in the surf. We frequently go here for a morning or a day. But as the sun started going down all those people gradually got in their boats and went home...but we didn't ;D It was so incredibly peaceful, our only companions the seagulls who lined up to witness the sunset.
Ever notice that a group of seagulls will usually all align themselves in the same direction (facing into the wind)?

Now let me show you the sunrise behind our tent:
Can you say "relaxing"? Serenity. It does a soul good.

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onetruth said...

Love, love, love your pix!