Saturday, April 5, 2008

Dolphin Watch

Again, may I say I live in an amazing place. Breathtaking, actually. My friend and coworker called me yesterday morning on her way in to work. She had to pull off the road to take some pictures, and a video....of a newly-born dolphin! The best we can figure, she got there right as the blessed event was taking place. The normal practice is for the mother dolphin to go to a shallow area to have her baby, accompanied by an "auntie" dolphin, who will swim around and keep everyone else away.

I tried to embed the video here, but am still learning my away around these things, so the best I could do was embed the link:

You'll hear vehicle traffic in the background...this was just off the main road! You'll also hear the exclamation from my friend's son ;D Watch the video a couple of times and you'll see the best shot of the baby right after the video starts. Mom breaches the surface, closely followed by baby. How cool is this???


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Anonymous said...

Well since our other co-worker is now "published" I guess I have to get in the action lol! Once again, yes we live in an amazing place. There are not many people in the world that get to witness "calving" (in other words the birth of a dolphin) and even less people are blessed enough to get to witness it on the way to work. I was amazed and over joyed over the birth of "shark" (what we thought it was at first). I am still excited over the event and everything I learned about dolphins. I would like to share the website that I "stalked" yesterday that taught me so much. I will let you and everyone else know which dolphin had the baby as soon as the Natural Science Curator for the
Cape Lookout Studies Program
lets me know.