Saturday, March 8, 2008

Why Cats Spring Forward But Don't Spring Back least not gracefully. You might think that cats should spring and fall in any direction easily. All I can tell you is that mine spring forward just fine, but falling back is a whole other story. Like I said, because of the diabetes they have to eat meal-style. Breakfast is served at 6:00 a.m. Despite frequent attempts to cajole midnight snacks or move the morning meal up in time, six o'clock it is. Then, for no apparent reason, one morning in the spring we suddenly start waking them up an hour earlier to feed them. Oh happy day!! (Actually, we try to make the change gradually...but you get the idea.) This is terrific. They have no problems at all. Life is good. But sadly, at some random point in the fall the humans turn cruel. Six o'clock kitty-belly time rolls around and the humans aren't puttin' out the spread! What madness is this? The service around here is declining shamefully!!! They have to remind us poor saps where the food is. Repeatedly. It's a wonder no one's called the ASPCA yet.

And so the cycle of the seasons goes.

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