Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Did I Mention the Food?

No recitation of the details of a trip would be complete without the mention of the culinary adventures involved! We're big believers in trying out the local chow wherever we go and in eating things we might not be able to get at home. You might be thinking "What is she talking about? It's not like she went to a foreign country." Let me just say that what's available in NY is a pretty far cry from what we can get in the South.

The food adventure really kicked off on Saturday morning when we were treated to some food from my friends' favorite NJ deli. Without me being able to use gestures, there's no way you can really appreciate my description of this food...but I'll do the best I can. (Incidentally, some of my coworkers swear I'm Italian because I absolutely cannot talk without excessive hand gestures.) First, we were treated to bagels and lox. I'd always heard it, and it's true: NY bagels are infinitely better than the bagels we can get. I can't explain it, but I now accept it without question. I don't know if you like lox, but I did. I thought I'd tried it before, but obviously never any authentic lox. I didn't remember being impressed with it. This stuff was divine! Then there was the corned beef and pastrami sandwich. ("For breakfast?" you exclaim. Dog gone right!!) This is the part you can't appreciate without visuals, but I swear I am not exaggerating when I tell you that this thing could feed *six* people....*easily*!! It was this ridiculously huge pile of meat with pieces of bread on the sides and long wooden skewers run through the lot to hold it together. You basically just added more bread (served on the side) and just kept making more sandwiches. Truly something to behold. And delicious!

Saturday night we went to "Benny's Burritos" in the Village. (That's Greenwich Village for you fellow small-town kids who didn't know.) This is a great little restaurant that my bro' loves to frequent when in the City. We had met up with his sis'n'law and had a great evening with her. Benny's is a funky little place with all sorts of cool artifacts on the walls to amuse....packed with people...terrific burritos! We finished off that night with a carriage ride through Central Park. (Okay, nothing about food there, but I just hadn't told you about that yet!)

Sunday night we went to the Jekyll and Hyde Club. This was so much fun. I could try to describe it, or post some of my pictures from in there (or a video I shot), but instead why don't you go to their official website: and check it out.

There's more eating to tell you about, but unfortunately, work looms in my near future. To be continued....

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