Saturday, February 16, 2008

Times Square at Night

We stayed just a few blocks from Times Square. A dusting of snow began to fall as we walked there to see the lights. Who knew that nighttime could be so bright? I wonder if the city dwellers realize just how dark it can be out in the country at night?
I read in a travel book that there's a city ordinance requiring every building in the Square to have lit signs. It certainly appeared that it was being taken seriously.

And then, there was the Naked Cowboy. I'm truly sorry that my picture didn't turn out better. I'm not sure if it was the fact that I was trying to shoot through the crowd while walking, the fact that I was shivering in the cold, or some combination of the two. But at least you get the general idea. My friends tell me this guy is out there every year they go...wearing his cowboy hat, his cowboy boots, and his skivvys...which on the back read "Naked Cowboy". It was priceless.
We carried on a debate for a while about how he could stand the cold. You couldn't really prepare this Southerner for the effect of the wind whistling through the canyons between skyscrapers. Man! Was it cold!!

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